[wp-hackers] Need A Hook (or advice)

Rob r at robm.me.uk
Tue Feb 28 08:02:14 GMT 2006

Mark Jaquith wrote:
> On Feb 27, 2006, at 3:47 PM, Garett Harnish wrote:
>> I need a way for a plugin to add a page to wp_list_pages.   I know no 
>> hook exists to do this, and the only way I can think of duplicating 
>> this functionality is ugly.
> There's a wp_list_pages hook, but it operates on the text output of 
> the entire function.  What I'd like eventually is to have 
> wp_list_pages pass a hierarchial array through a different filter 
> first, so you could use simple array manipulation to insert your 
> stuff, instead of search/replace.

This would make my life much, much easier with something I'm working on 
at the moment. I think I'll stop working on it until this is added :)

Rob Miller
http://robm.me.uk/ | http://kantian.co.uk/

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