[wp-hackers] Forum Post: SQL Injection

Podz podz at tamba2.org.uk
Wed Feb 22 19:03:43 GMT 2006

"My personal blog powered by WordPress 2.0.1 (latest version) hacked
today! (SQL injection probably) As I was watching the tab of the browser
to loading my blog, a frame appeared in sidebar and mutilated blog design.
This frame added to last category. It was getting from this address:
http:// www. pragma.ru/ ~dch/ inc/

It added to a lot of field such as blog description in options section
and Category name too. I have been looking at it for the last four hour
and still can't understand what it is about? How resolve this bug? All
plugins are secure! "

It is not theme files (see thread).

Advice would be good.


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