[wp-hackers] Form injection and gzipping

Eric A. Meyer eric at meyerweb.com
Wed Feb 22 18:15:59 GMT 2006


    So back in November, Jeremy Dunck finally tracked down[1] the 
cause of the last major bug in WP-Gatekeeper[2], where it wouldn't 
auto-add itself to comment forms on many people's sites.  The 
problem, it seems, is that the attempt to auto-add the challenge 
happens after the page is gzipped when that option is turned on, so 
the regexps fail.  (Obviously!)  So if gzipping is enabled, as it is 
for most people, the auto-injection won't work.  Manual injection, 
where the user adds a PHP command to add the challenge to their form 
template, works whether gzipping is enabled or not.
    So what I'm wondering is if this fixed in WP2, or if there's a way 
I could alter the order of regexing and zipping for WP1.5 and up.

[2] http://meyerweb.com/eric/tools/wordpress/wp-gatekeeper.html

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