[wp-hackers] theme-based functions.php should override pluggable-functions.php

Aaron Brazell aaron at technosailor.com
Sat Feb 18 16:35:43 GMT 2006

On 2/18/06, Robert Deaton <false.hopes at gmail.com> wrote:
> Overriding pluggable-functions is critical functionality, login,
> cookies, userdata, admin redirection, things that a theme should never
> worry about. I can't think of anything that a theme would need to do
> that would require you to change the whole user or authorization
> portions of the code.
> Not to mention the number of themes we would potentially break because
> they assume that these functions are defined, notably
> get_currentuserinfo.
Fair enough. That's the explanation I needed.  Call this an explanation in
the theory here. I did what I needed to do by moving to a plugin anyway, so
it isn't a big deal.  Thanks for the explanation.

- Aaron

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