[wp-hackers] Automatic Plugin Updater

Ryan Duff ryan at ryanduff.net
Fri Feb 17 23:58:13 GMT 2006

Andy Skelton wrote:
> On 2/17/06, Dave Grijalva <grijalva at gmail.com> wrote:
>> I'm working on a plugin to make it easy to upgrade installed plugins to
>> their latest versions.  It will operate similarly to the FireFox extension
>> update system.  I'm wondering if maybe this should be part of the core
>> instead of a plugin.  Any thoughts?
> We've learned from the uploading and caching functions just how tricky
> it can be to make directories and write files on some setups. Remember
> that most people don't leave their plugins directory writable by the
> server. Hunt down the people who had the worst troubles (see trac and
> the wp-hackers and wp-testers archives) and ask them to test for you.
> In the interest of making your work viable as a core feature, take
> very good care with security and making it work on as many platforms
> as possible.
> Andy

As a short time user of Dr Dave's plugin manager, I learned how quickly 
things can get messed up. Permissions, plugins not working because of 
bad permissions, not being able to delete plugins, etc.. I still think 
this is a difficult proposition. It would be nice to see it working, but 
installing things automatically on a web server and keeping them working 
is very different than installing them in a PC environment.

Ryan Duff
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