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Abhay Kumar lists at abhaykumar.net
Fri Feb 17 15:48:20 GMT 2006

> [snip]
> that's the phpDoc syntax. A list of valid tags is available at
> http://www.phpdoc.de/kongress/tags.html (Sorry, in German only).
It is both the syntax for phpdocumentor and phpdoc. An english list is
linked on the codex page

I discussed the possible tags we could use, earlier:
(happier now, skippy? next time if you have a comment, tell me
directly instead of just spewing to IRC)

> A full phpDoc comment for a method or function can look like
> this:

Another great reference is the PEAR manual which contains a litlte
more than is needed here but you can see the synatax in action.


- Abhay
Abhay Kumar

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