[wp-hackers] Inline documentation

Rich Bowen rbowen at rcbowen.com
Fri Feb 17 13:35:15 GMT 2006

Robert Deaton wrote:
> On 2/16/06, Theodor Ramisch <theodor_ramisch at hotmail.com> wrote:
>> one of the plugins I modified last week was very well commented.
>> Maybe we could use this style. (Is it phpDoc?)
>> http://dev.wp-plugins.org/file/google-sitemap-generator/trunk/sitemap.php
> Yes, that is PHPDoc, and it seems to match perfectly with what I would
> like to see in the core, (nothing really complex like what Rich has, I
> love the effort, but the format he suggested in the other list is
> rather...ick.

Could you elaborate on this? "ick" is rather non-descriptive, and more
detail would be greatly appreciated.

Rich Bowen
rbowen at rcbowen.com

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