[wp-hackers] trac tags

Ryan Boren ryan at boren.nu
Fri Feb 17 01:52:47 GMT 2006

Jamie Talbot wrote:
> Abhay Kumar wrote:
>>There is no barrier that prevents you from putting in a commit tag
>>onto a bug. normally when some one wants to submit a patch that should
>>be looked at by a bug gardener or a dev (if nothing else, for
>>redundancy), we use the bg|has-patch tag.
> I know /technically/ there's nothing stopping me from putting 'commit' onto a bug, I just want to
> know if it is considered bad form for just any random person (i.e., me) to add it.  It might seem a
> bit presumptuous.

I like commit to mean the patch has been tested and reviewed by at least 
  one person beyond the author.  It needs to mean something more than 
has-patch.  I look to see who adds the commit tag and give more weight 
to those I know.  I'm more confident in the commit worthyness of a patch 
when other regular contributors give it the commit tag.  But, anyone who 
has tested the patch can add the tag.  You can also add a comment to the 
bug saying you tested or reviewed it.


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