[wp-hackers] Inline documentation

Abhay Kumar lists at abhaykumar.net
Thu Feb 16 19:11:42 GMT 2006

> Well, I kinda volunteered by starting the thread, but it will require
> assistance on functions that aren't easy to read.

I'm sure some one will be able to answer any questions that come up.
Or even simply, you can divvy up the entire source into chunks and
play coordinator so two people aren't working on one chunk.

Easiest workflow is:

X gets the chunk and documents the entire set, passes it over to Y who
checks for inconsistencies / missing parts and either fixes them or
marks for a fix. After X and Y have their dialogue, both sign off on
it and Z does a final glance over. Each chunk gets submitted into
trac, separately.

All that needs to be done is to standardize style and split up the
source into chunks. Don't forget to set reasonable turnaround times so
that it doesn't sit and stew for months.

- Abhay
Abhay Kumar

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