[wp-hackers] The alt tag

Jason S. jason at zenenet.com
Wed Feb 15 16:30:27 GMT 2006

Podz wrote:
> http://wordpress.org/support/topic/61228?replies=2#post-326996
> Poster wants to use images as links. She can't see a way to add alt or
> title attributes to the images and the lack of an alt tag means that WP
> is outputting invalid xhtml.
> Or are we both missing something ?
> Having had a look at that page (mine is much abbreviated) in 2.0.1, it
> would seem in need of an overhaul as I'm sure that's not changed in a
> very long time.
> P.

I'm going to give my feedback, but I want other's to answer first.
If someone knows THAT MUCH about specifications and the like, it it
impossible for them to click the 'HTML' button in the toolbar and
manually enter in the alt tag?

I'm really REALLY not a big fan of image manipulation menus, especially
for something as little an alt tag.

If they know these things, surely they know how to edit HTML.

On the flip side, if undefined, wordpress probably should populate the
alt tag with the title specified in the image uploader.

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