[wp-hackers] post_status == previous

Jeff Minard jeff at jrm.cc
Mon Feb 13 20:49:41 GMT 2006

Robert Deaton wrote:
> This is completely out of the question, as in order to do this, you
> have to insert a new post for each revision, and change the old
> revision to previous. This means that you just broke permalinks, and
> in order to keep permalinks working, you need an extra column in the
> field and need to do selects to traverse up to the latest revision of
> the post.

Ooorrrr, you could change the id on the "previous" version to whatever 
is next available and insert the "publish" version with the old id. 
That'd not break anything.

Tracking the "revisions" would, as you point out, be difficult. You'd 
need some way to link "this used to be 1,2,4,6" -- a post meta array of 
the "previous" id's might do that well enough.


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