[wp-hackers] Filter Hooks for Enclosures

Owen Winkler ringmaster at midnightcircus.com
Mon Feb 13 16:58:32 GMT 2006

Denis de Bernardy wrote:
>> There are some extant implementations of Object<->XML in PHP, so it 
>> might not be too difficult a conversion.  Manipulating the 
>> feed XML via 
>> DOM in a plugin would be swell.
>> Before I continue blathering about this, how much does this idea suck?
> DOM/XML related stuff is far from being installed properly on most hosts,
> and does not work the same in php4 and php5. I'd use a straightforward array
> instead.

That's really more what I was suggesting.

There must be some class that would let us do something like this:

// Existing feed stuff
$xml = ob_get_clean();
$feed = new WPXmlDoc($xml);
$feed = apply_filters('feed_xml', $feed);


add_filter('feed_xml', 'my_feed_xml');
function my_feed_xml($feed)
	$feed->data['rss'][0]['customtag'][0] = 'test';
	return $feed;

Or something.


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