[wp-hackers] Data recovery

Mark Jaquith mark.wordpress at txfx.net
Sun Feb 12 23:42:42 GMT 2006

+1 to using flags instead of another table

+1 to using either postmeta or trashmeta to store the old status (and  
other misc information)

-1 to using a "trash" flag.  That would add another check to the  
WHERE clause of every posts query.  In addition to checking WHERE  
post_status="publish" we would have to check WHERE trash <> '1' or  
some such thing.  The meta approach allows us to store any additional  
information about the post (we could store when it was deleted and by  
whom) without bulking up our normal queries.  It's a bit more work  
when we restore, but that's a rare event, so that's good place to put  
the burden.

Mark Jaquith

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