[wp-hackers] Data recovery (post_status?)

David Chait davebytes at comcast.net
Sun Feb 12 17:15:18 GMT 2006

Owen wrote:
| David Chait wrote:
| > Ummm, usability folks?  I think there was a recent link here to an 
| > about the Scott Adams disaster, which noted that the usability of web 
| > just stinks when it comes to things like deleting items.  I mean, my OS 
| > a trash can, my email app has a trash can... ;)
| Yes, I read the Scott Adams thing, which had a bunch of good points.
| And yet through the whole thing I kept thinking, "Who chooses to
| 'delete' hundreds of comments (with the intention of keeping them!)
| without having tested a recovery plan?"
| I didn't see any trash can in WP, nor did I see the word "Trash", nor
| did I see any sign of anything vaguely like "Recover".  I'm not sure
| what implication I can take away from the word "Delete" other than that
| it will actually do what it says.

When I'm not earning a living as a coder (which I'm not lately! ;)), I do 
tech-support for family, friends, and referrals... Again, an average user 
 >might< expect that something which 'deletes' has an 'undo' of some form 
(whether 'undo' or 'trash can'....).  And even with that, I can't tell you 
how many times I've had to help recover deleted files... Accidents happen, 
and undo/restore is a useful usability feature.  Yes, the concept does NOT 
currently exist in WP -- which doesn't mean it is bad, nor that people don't 
(at some level) potentially expect the 'undo/restore' ability from 
experience with desktop apps.. :)

The Scott Adams thing was used as a mindblowing example.  You'd think 
backups should be enough.  Then again, I don't back up frequently enough.  I 
don't use RCS for my own local code like I should.  I like systems that 
protect me from my own stupidity. ;)  The recent addition to the 
conversation of revision storage (semi-'undo'..) is another parallel 
concept.  Actually, site5 has been testing out this 'flashback' concept, 
which basically automatically keeps revision snapshots of your site files. 
Sounds like it's a bit overkill, but then again my level and usage is not 
likely representative of the average website owners these days -- and nice 
to know there's yet-another system protecting me from myself. :)

Anyway, I think we've got consensus on the concept, but I'm in total 
agreement with you on making it least-intrusive on the query system and 
coding (I've been custom-tweaking WP queries for two years now... ;) ).  At 
the same time, deliver an improved product that supports average users, less 
technical users, with better usability.


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