[wp-hackers] Data recovery (post_status?)

David Chait davebytes at comcast.net
Sun Feb 12 15:40:47 GMT 2006

Why not?  It helps the non-technical users a ton, it makes accidents quickly 
recoverable, and you could have a single 'recycle bin' page that shows all 
the different deleted items and purges them all with one click.

There's a trash can on the desktop for a reason.  Not just because it makes 
drag-and-drop actions possible, but also because it adds a step before you 
nuke something.  (And, even then, you've got Undelete tools, which cache it 
one level further hidden, just in case you really didn't mean to purge the 
things you did!)

If really needed, you could have an options page that allows you to disable 
the recycle bin for each class of objects... but I'm not sure how useful 
that is.  One more click, or X days later, everything does disappear...

FYI, I don't believe the forums are really a useful place for asking 
questions of users...  It is extremely fragmented (okay, unless you sticky a 
post on the homepage), and I'm sure not everyone makes it there.  And 
Wordpress.com, et al, users probably don't visit much as they are told to go 
elsewhere -- yet that's a growing base of 'usability testing' given it's 


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| David House wrote:
| > Anyway, we need to decide whether to use post_status (in which case
| > we'd need a comment_status, user_status, link_status, etc. for
| > everywhere else you want this recycle bin to happen) or whether to
| > prepend something like a period to the respective objects' slugs.
| Do we need  a "recycle bin" for _all_ aspects of the site?  That'll get
| kind of annoying.  When I delete something, I do so because I want it to
| be gone.  A two step delete process (delete, then purge) will become
| cumbersome.
| Has anyone asked on the forums whether this is a desirable thing?  I
| understand the benefit of recovering posts, and possibly even recovering
| users.  Beyond that, though, can't someone write up a fancy plugin to
| read in a SQL dump created by wp-db-backup.php and provide a list of
| what's different between the dump and the current system, with some
| facility to reconcile the current system with the backup? 

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