[wp-hackers] Data recovery (post_status?)

Scott Merrill skippy at skippy.net
Sun Feb 12 13:34:52 GMT 2006

David House wrote:
> Anyway, we need to decide whether to use post_status (in which case
> we'd need a comment_status, user_status, link_status, etc. for
> everywhere else you want this recycle bin to happen) or whether to
> prepend something like a period to the respective objects' slugs.

Do we need  a "recycle bin" for _all_ aspects of the site?  That'll get
kind of annoying.  When I delete something, I do so because I want it to
be gone.  A two step delete process (delete, then purge) will become

Has anyone asked on the forums whether this is a desirable thing?  I
understand the benefit of recovering posts, and possibly even recovering
users.  Beyond that, though, can't someone write up a fancy plugin to
read in a SQL dump created by wp-db-backup.php and provide a list of
what's different between the dump and the current system, with some
facility to reconcile the current system with the backup?

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