[wp-hackers] Data recovery

Roy Schestowitz r at schestowitz.com
Sun Feb 12 05:51:50 GMT 2006

_____/ On Sat 11 Feb 2006 21:17:25 GMT, [Podz] wrote : \_____

> Right now, if you delete a post or a comment then it really is deleted.
> Unrecoverable.
> Shouldn't either:
> - the warning be beefed up a bit, or
> - the data be made recoverable ?
> Users are used to a recycle bin, and gearing WP toward multiple users it
> would seem a decent option to be able to recover anything deleted within
> a timescale set by the blog owner.
> As usual I haven't the slightest clue how to do it, but I would imagine
> such a feature would be well received.

The idea of garbage collection has been raised already (set status to
"deleted", later purge). It's reminiscent of IMAP handling in most mail

That said, a few days ago I realised something else was missing. In "Mass
Edit Mode" (comments moderation), there is no indication as to how many
comments get purged until they disappear for good, i.e. deletion is
conformed. I suppose you could trivially percolate the number of marked
items to the JavaScript prompt. That way, the user can double-check the
number of comments to be deleted. This behaviour has not changed since 1.2
(at the least). I still see it in the latest nightly.

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