[wp-hackers] Category Operation (Adjacency vs. Modified Preorder)

Chris Johnson agent_eight at hotmail.com
Sat Feb 11 14:03:49 GMT 2006

> It certainly sounds nice.  One thing I noticed about that article is  that 
> the old "parent style" can be kept, and run in tandem.  Sounds  to me like 
> we could update the WordPress code to use the transversal  style, but 
> plugins that directly query the table looking for parent  relationships 
> wouldn't be left in the dark.

By leaving and maintaining the original parent refs you also gain a little 
protection from the left and right indexs getting screwed up by a failed 
update. If anything ever goes wrong, you can just reindex using the parent 
refs. My only concern is that there are plugins out there that modfiy the 
table directly, thereby bypassing the new indexing. Other than that, the 
change would basicly be seamless. I've started by writing a conversion tool 
and replacing the wp_..._category functions in categories.php 

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