[wp-hackers] post_status = future and pseudo-cron

Scott Merrill skippy at skippy.net
Fri Feb 10 12:54:36 GMT 2006

Jeff Minard wrote:
> Peter Westwood wrote:
>> wp_schedule_repeating_event('interval-type','interval-amount','time-of-day/hour/week');
> May I suggest we take a page from "The History of Every Unix Ever" and
> at least make the psuedo cron scheduler something that people can learn
> just once?
> wp_schedule_repeating_event($minute, $hour, $dayofmonth, $month,
> $dayofweek, $filter_to_activate);
> The whole "* * * * *" thing.

If you need that level of precision, I think a real cron job is more
approrpiate.  Let's not re-invent the wheel.  Power users will know how
to use the system's cron facility, and non-power users are unlikely to
care about the elegance of any implementation we create.

My WP-Cron plugin is not at all precise.  It might be due to poor coding
on my part.  Everyone here is welcome to rip it apart and use whatever
bits they want for any future cron workalike.

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