[wp-hackers] Simplicity in 2.next - summary?

Mattias Winther mattias at winthernet.se
Wed Feb 8 19:42:39 GMT 2006

Okay, sorry if I'm just rehashing all of this once more, but from what I understand, the useful points coming out of this is basically:

* Some developers don't want to use wp-plugins.org
* Plug-in gardening is a feasible idea, work-wise, but changing other people's code isn't popular
* It would be nice to be able to automatically update plug-ins, or at least suggest it to the user
* It would be great for the user to know if a plug-in doesn't work with the new version
* The devs need some heads up in order to fix their plug-ins to work with new versions

I'm sure I've forgotten some, but from this, I've distilled a few ideas:

* Let the gardeners be testers, rather than code fixers. When a new version is coming closer to release, test and let the developer know if their plug-in isn't working. If a plug-in is known not to work, add to...
* Some kind of warning-list, where plug-ins that haven't been fixed can be added, and after updating WP, the plug-in interface shows a warning message for those plug-ins. Apple had a compatibility tool they used when they did some major update of the OS way back when, I believe. No code analysis, just matching the filename. Same principle.
* Implement a standard version numbering method for plug-ins to facilitate this and the automatic update finder function more easily

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