[wp-hackers] Duo-categories: category_name=cat1_and_cat2

Dion Almaer dion at almaer.com
Wed Feb 8 16:36:59 GMT 2006

Hi guys,

I have a need to be able to filter the posts that get sent to the loop to be
posts that are marked in MULTIPLE categories.

As always, I like to use filters rather than hack at the core, but using:


Isn't going to really do the trick.

So, I looked at hacking the core to look at 'category_name' and if there is
a magic token (e.g. _and_) I can split it up and do a double join to make
sure that both categories.

Am I missing something obvious here? (I am not using the 'tag' plugins).


Dion Almaer
Founder, Ajaxian.com
Cleaning up the web with Ajax

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