[wp-hackers] Documentation on the caching functions?

Viper007Bond lists at viper007bond.com
Wed Feb 8 15:37:55 GMT 2006

I'm using the SRG Clean Archives plugin ( 
http://www.sporadicnonsense.com/2005/04/28/clean-archives-plug-in/ ) on 
my blog and it's starting to get up into the couple hundred queries area 
when I load the page I have it on.

So, I want to cache it. I know that get_settings() and all those use 
caching, but how can I cache directly without storing it in the database?

I see wp_cache_get() and wp_cache_set() in the source code, but what 
else is there and is there any documentation on them (simple is all I need)?

TIA. :)

- Viper007Bond

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