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John Ha [c] khanh at netspace.net.au
Wed Feb 8 14:40:49 GMT 2006

Maybe a post to wp-hackers with a suitable subject heading eg:

"Release date: Wordpress x.x.x - dd/mm/yy"
"Version x.x.x: dd/mm/yy"
"Version x.x.x in 2 weeks - be ready!"

That's $.04.

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  > We could have a mailing list for plugin authors to subscribe 
  > to that only posted preview release announcements. Or, we 

  Why not announce this on the wordpress blog directly?

  # WordPress update

  A new version of WordPress will be released in two weeks. If you are
  anything of a hacker that is willing to help:

  - [Download the public beta][download]
  - Install it on a development server
  - [File a bug][track] (and the fix, at your option) if it breaks
  - Enable your favorite plugins one by one
  - Contact the plugin authors when you if find one that breaks

  Just my $.02.


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