[wp-hackers] 2.next - faster

Sebastian Herp newsletter at scytheman.net
Wed Feb 8 10:53:46 GMT 2006

Jamie Talbot wrote:
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> Sebastian Herp wrote:
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>> 3. don't filter the content of posts/comments each time they are
>> displayed, instead do it on updates of the content only (the columns for
>> that exist in the database) This should also be core and not solved with
>> a plugin!
> Some nice ideas there, +1 especially for removing now(), but we can't really do 3. because that
> would break the ability to create filters that work based on the current time, or other
> run-time-available-only information.

That's true. But those filters could still be executed on the 
"pre-rendered" content. But plugins like dofollow, textile, markdown, 
external link finders, etc do not need to filter the content every time 
it's displayed, do they?

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