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  Owen Winkler wrote:
  > Still, no amount of plugin repo gardening is going to convince me that 
  > hosting at wp-plugins.org (or any other simple download-only plugin 
  > repo) is better than hosting my stuff myself.  It bothers me to think 
  > that my own code won't be a part of the official plugin effort unless I 
  > submit to the restrictions listed above, which aren't really of much 
  > benefit to users of my plugins.

  You don't have to *host* your plugins on wp-plugins.org, the site is 
  intended purely for developers. It's for hosting development. Run your 
  own bug tracker, downloads, whatever the hell you want. But if you want 
  to be part of the official plugins infrastructure, and get all the 
  promotion as a result of that, keep the source code (or a copy of it) in 
  the official SVN repository.

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