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Peter Westwood peter.westwood at ftwr.co.uk
Tue Feb 7 21:57:51 GMT 2006

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Owen Winkler wrote:
> Craig wrote:
>> Very true, however there are many quality plugins that I know and
>> trust that
>> aren't on the repository. I guess the question is really how do we get
>> the
>> authors to move their stuff over to wp-plugins.org?
> Regarding plugin hosting at wp-plugins.org:
> There is no way for me to add new projects (a few line items relate to
> circumventing the manual email to photomatt to enable these repos).
> I can't grant and deny access to my projects to other users.
> I can't configure notifications (or any action) on svn commits.
> Trac is cluttered with many commits, tickets, and wiki changes that are
> unimportant to people seeking information specifically about my plugin.
> There is no email notification of new tickets.
> There is no dedicated self-support forum located there for my plugin.
> I get no traffic at my site for what plugins are hosted there.
> I can't track downloads to monitor which plugins need the most attention.
> I can't create private projects there, or restrict access to just the
> trunk for allowing access only to tagged versions.
> Downloading of the plugins themselves may be difficult for visitors when
> the plugin consists of more than one file.
> Providing clear version-specific downloads is difficult.
> Abandoned projects are not culled, leaving my project to be found
> amongst dozens of dead or unfinished projects.
> There is no directory of plugins.
> There is no vetting of plugins that are included, in spite of some
> desire that there should be.

+1 to all of these

> There are plenty of benefits, too.  Not having to host your own SVN, and
> providing all of the Trac features for tickets and wiki are pretty nice.
>  Unified login with WordPress.org support is nice.
 > A suggested alternative has been to just dump the latest version of code
> hosted elsewhere into the repo, which dilutes the idea of where the
> official release comes from.  

This also dilutes the ability to track what change fixed what bug.

The biggest feature of my personal development process that drives me
aways from wp-plugins.org and to personally hosted svn is keeping things
private until they are finished.

I like to check in when I have finished a feature but not necessarily
finished the code.  It may then be a few days before I have more time to
 work on the code and I don't want an unsuspecting user downloading the
code because it was freely available on wp-plugins.org

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