[wp-hackers] Simplicity in 2.next

Stefano steagl at people.it
Tue Feb 7 17:37:28 GMT 2006

Il Tue, 7 Feb 2006 10:09:27 -0500, Carthik Sharma <carthik at gmail.com>

>> Those plugins in the wp-plugins tree will get some extra love.  We'll
>> write automation that will run over the entire repository looking for
>> common mistakes and deprecated usage, for example.  We'll commit fixes
>> and try to keep the plugins up-to-date.  It's a big task that is
>> thoroughly impractical without a common repository.
>> I'd like to have a group of plugin gardeners with full commit access to
>> wp-plugins.
>I second this idea:
>Plugin gardeners or Electricians/Plumbers should:
>1) Test existing plugins for compliance,security and coding style
>(Someone should write up a checklist or testing regimen)
>2) Accept and commit new submissions
>3) Guide (hand-hold) new plugin authors who want to be at wp-plugins.org
>4) Maintain other authors' plugins in case the original plugin author
>does not want to deal with using SVN and including his/her plugin in
>the wp-plugins.org website, but still wouldn't mind his/her plugin
>being uploaded there by a maintainer.
>Maybe we should start with a small group and then grow if and when neccessary.

This was wht i said in my post in this thread earlier today and this
was the taget i signed myself on Responsabilities page
caring paarticualary about the fact that plugins nd themesborn
internationalized, and locales .mo files for plugins and maybe for the
docs attached (readme etc) get translated by the team that already
does for WP.

I think you idea it's really good, taking more care for plugin in
wp-plugins.org (and theme too) means to give those plugins a sort of
"WP Quality Ribbon". If you wanna sign me as one of volunteer i'll be
happy to help in this.


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