[wp-hackers] update_user_option() Not quite working right.

Mark Harwood mark at phunky.co.uk
Tue Feb 7 16:30:09 GMT 2006

(This is kinda a follow up to my last email which i was having problem 
with emails no displaying.)

Hey All,

Im in the process of writing a little Profile Plugin to allow for more 
options to be attached to a registered user, but im having issuse 
updating email and url of the user.

update_user_option() does not seem to want to update wp_user table as i 
thought it would, instead it inserts the option in to wp_usermeta which 
is fine, but the issuse is that WordPress falls over with user_email 
being placed in wp_usermeta. It refuses to pull back the users email and 
in the case of the URL it gets confused into which one to display and 
update :(

Any ideas how we to just change the feilds in wp_user instead of having 
update_user_option() add them into the wp_usermeta table?

The source for the plugin can be found at the below URL

Many Thanks
Mark 'Phunky' Harwood
Founder of EuroCSS.NET

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