[wp-hackers] Ideas for new features. (3.x?)

Nathan Ollerenshaw chrome at stupendous.net
Tue Feb 7 10:49:46 GMT 2006

Hi Sam,

On Feb 7, 2006, at 6:39 PM, Sam Angove wrote:

> There was a discussion about this last September. [1] (All the
> messages with "separation of application logic from presentation
> logic" in the title.) See especially [2].
> IIRC WordPress MU already supports Smarty, and there's a modification
> of 1.5 called SmartyPress.
> If not one of those, it's fairly easy to write something yourself to
> compile safe templates into actual code -- the users don't get to
> touch real code. LiveJournal, MT, etc. all work this way. I wrote
> [read: stole from TextPattern] the beginnings of one this afternoon.
> [3]

I thought there must have been this kind of discussion before, but  
being time pressed I didn't check the archives back far enough, sorry.

Your point is well taken. I guess with the size of the code in  
Wordpress it must be a mammoth undertaking to move all that code AND  
test it and ensure nothing breaks.

>> 2. Cross-authenticated comments and trackbacks.
> That's what OpenID does, more or less. TypeKey and LiveJournal both
> use it, and there's a (possibly not working completely?) WP plugin
> available.

http://openid.net/ is pretty cool. I haven't gone through the specs.

Just goes to show, any good idea that is worth having is probably  
implemented by someone else ;) I guess I should have googled :) Ah well.

Thanks for the response.


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