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Correct.  While I hate to say "wait for people to upgrade to php5",
the opcode cache is standard (from what I know) in php5.  Waiting for
people to upgrade to php5 would save a lot of engineering effort.

Note: I hate to NOT be definitive on something like this but most of
my experience is in php 4.1.x since that's what our systems ran.  That
said when we moved to APC and were able to use it (not always) we did
see a reliable 50%+ improvement.  The reasons we didn't run it as a
standard were more us than anything else.


On 2/6/06, Matt Mullenweg <m at mullenweg.com> wrote:
> David House wrote:
> > Most of the time taken for WordPress to load is down to the long time
> > needed for PHP to parse the thousands of lines of code, IIRC.
> Yep, and an opcode cache helps a HUGE amount here. So much that it might
> not be worth optimizing for this case for the very small percentage of
> users that need that performance but can't run an opcode cache.
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