[wp-hackers] Simplicity in 2.next

Ryan Boren ryan at boren.nu
Mon Feb 6 23:52:36 GMT 2006

Evan Broder wrote:
> I would expect that, if people don't already have their plugins 
> currently hosted on wp-plugins.org, they aren't going to be easily 
> convinced to move them.
> I have a plugin that I host in my own webspace. It's a bit of a hassle 
> when I release a new version, but wp-plugins.org is way overkill for my 
> development setup. The wiki and Subversion are really overkill for what 
> I need.

If a plugin author doesn't want to use wp-plugins, that's his choice. 
Plugins not in the wp-plugins repository simply won't get the developer 
attention that plugins that do reside in wp-plugin will get.  If they 
break, they'll be left broken. I haven't the time or the inclination to 
chase plugins hither, thither, and yon.  It's the linux kernel approach. 
  If it's not in the tree, it is on its own.

Those plugins in the wp-plugins tree will get some extra love.  We'll 
write automation that will run over the entire repository looking for 
common mistakes and deprecated usage, for example.  We'll commit fixes 
and try to keep the plugins up-to-date.  It's a big task that is 
thoroughly impractical without a common repository.

I'd like to have a group of plugin gardeners with full commit access to 


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