[wp-hackers] Simplicity in 2.next

Jon Abad jonabad at gmail.com
Mon Feb 6 23:00:49 GMT 2006

So far this sounds like it would be some sort of logo certification program?
I don't agree with that direction as it would require more manpower and 
would distract from the central mission of creating awesomeness. Please 
correct me if I'm wrong.

As I understand it, the FF model is that the extension states which 
versions they work with and then Firefox knows which are allowed to be 
turned on or not in order to prevent catastrophic failures or some such. 
The package can be opened and the max-version number upped to test with 
a new release but for the everyday user, they just wait for a new 
extension version to be announced.

At minimum, this sounds like it would be useful to us: add a 
WP-Version-Range line to the Plugin file structure so that people know 
which versions the plugin has been tested on. Maybe an alert could be 
given if the plugin hasn't been tested on the current version or simply 
not allow for the plugin to be turned on at all.

Pro: WP would know which plugins are compatible with its stated 
capabilities, hooks, etc.
Con: Support costs of the initial wave as plugins get tested and this 
new line added to it.
Con: How would old/abandoned plugins be dealt with? (Is this even a 


Podz wrote:
> Craig wrote:
>> So by testing plugins on wp-plugins.org, is this not setting up a defacto
>> set of official plugins since such a large number of plugins are hosted
>> elswhere, esp. on the authors' own sites? I suppose this might help
>> encourage folks to move their plugins to the repository, but I'm sure that
>> lots of plugin writers rather enjoy the traffic their site gets as a result
>> of their work.
> I'd say it's a place to start if nothing else. If it works out that
> these blogs are worth the work then plugin authors could be asked - or
> users be asked - to send the plugin for testing ?
> What about they have a link at wp-plugins.org which goes to their page
> for the actual code / info / post etc ? That way they get the credit /
> traffic and also are seen in what could be the 'main location'. That's
> close to what FF has ?
> P.
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