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I'll echo and expand on Drew's thought.

On install, provide an optional configuration screen which allows one to
disable and/or delete unwanted themes, plugins and files from the core

To keep the "5 minute install" intact, simply make a "Optional
Configuration" button on the page.   Folks can end the install or do all
options in one simple screen rather than jumping through the Admin UI for 20
minutes tweaking the install.


On 2/6/06 12:22 PM, "Vogel, Andrew (vogelap)" <VOGELAP at UCMAIL.UC.EDU> wrote:

> One of the ways to make it simpler from the very start would be to make
> it so the admin didn't need to disable plugins, delete WP files, upload
> new WP files, and enable plugins on an upgrade. Maybe this is through a
> master script that does it all behind the scenes, or maybe it is by some
> other route.
> When 2.0.1 was released, I attempted to upgraded my site which is
> happily running 2.0 (www.drewvogel.com) to 2.0.1 and encountered
> significant problems in the upgrade process that left me with a
> non-functioning site and sent me scrambling back to 2.0.0 until I've got
> time to get into it. Upgrades and installs should be drop-ins; the user
> shouldn't be bothered by issues like disabling/enabling plugins through
> an upgrade.
> -andrew vogel
> Manager of Professional Programs
> University of Cincinnati
> College of Pharmacy
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>> The last thread about the next version of WP had some
>> interesting ideas in it, but I think the question may have
>> been framed the wrong way. What I'm far more interested in
>> working on for the next version is this:
>> How can we make WordPress simpler in the next release?
>> How can we reduce support requests on the forums?
>> How can we make it faster?
>> (To riff on an idea, consider starting a new thread.)
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