[wp-hackers] WP No longer display user emails

Mark Harwood mark at phunky.co.uk
Mon Feb 6 12:40:42 GMT 2006

Hi, posted this on the support forum also but not getting any replys so 
i thought id ask the hackers mailing list to see if anyone else has been 
getting this too...

Since upgrading WP2 to WP2.01 it would seem that get_currentuserinfo() 
and get_userdata() no longer pull back the users email address.

Is there any known issuse with this? As it will still update the email 
if you change it via the user admin but just will not display the email 
in the form feild as it is not pulling it from the DB with the two above 

Many Thanks
Mark 'Phunky' Harwood
Founder of EuroCSS.NET

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