[wp-hackers] WP_Rewrite query

Sam Angove sam at rephrase.net
Mon Feb 6 00:37:34 GMT 2006

On 2/6/06, Scott Merrill <skippy at skippy.net> wrote:
> Thanks, Sam!  This is _precisely_ what I needed.  Do you have a PayPal
> account?

Of course I do, but I'm not going to pay you for the privilege, if
that's what you're suggesting! </outrage> Whatever happened to doing
things for the love of your fellow man? :P

> For those following along at home, here's my revision to Sam's plugin,
> which should account for leap years:
>    http://www.skippy.net/secret/dayofyear.phps

I know it was in mine too, but filter_day_link() won't actually work
as advertised. The get_(month|year|day)_link() functions will all
return /date/%year%/%monthnum%/%day%/ permalinks.

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