[wp-hackers] WordPress Importer (Cross-Post)

Jason S. jason at zenenet.com
Sun Feb 5 15:30:35 GMT 2006

Douglas Daulton wrote:
> Along the same lines, it would be cool if there were a "cross-post" function
> which would allow you to set up one or more additional blogs in the Admin
> section.  Then, each of these blogs would appear in a drop down on the post
> page.  Select the other blogs you want to send that post to as well and it
> auto-posts them.

There's next to no reason for this in wordpress (core) itself.
I wouldn't want this feature to be available to me.

This should only exist as a plugin, at least for WP core.  Something
like this is perfectly suited for WPMU however.

One side question, however.
Is there a plugin hook to add a expand/collapse drop box anywhere on the
 write post/page screen?

If not, I officially hijack the thread and request those hooks to be
added :).

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