[wp-hackers] pingomatic problem?

CK c at kouloumbris.com
Fri Feb 3 22:03:44 GMT 2006


On 3 Feb 2006, at 21:43, Amit Gupta wrote:

> I've been getting connection timeouts on one of my blogs, the post is
> published though!! and I've been picking the brains of the host  
> thinking
> that its something on my server!! :(
> gotta try removing pingomatic from the "update services", though  
> its the
> only one there!!

I don't know if this is relevant or not, but it looks like a problem  
I am having. When I am Saving a post or posting a comment into the  
blog, in firefox it asks me to save  the corresponding .php file. In  
Safari i get a white page. On the post part the post has been saved  
but on the comment part it wasn't published and sometimes i have to  
press publish 3 times or more to get the comment on the post.

I didn't try removing pingomatic but, i will do that. It was also  
reported to me by a friend experiencing the same problem commenting  
on my blog.


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