[wp-hackers] APC Object Cache Backend

Mark Jaquith mark.wordpress at txfx.net
Fri Feb 3 12:08:30 GMT 2006

I was curious as to how easy it would be to create an object cache  
backend that interfaced with APC (Advanced PHP Cache).  Real easy, it  
turns out, thanks to Ryan's Memcached backend.  It was literally just  
an issue of changing half a dozen function names and saving the thing.

I'm not seeing much of a speed gain, but then Ryan said that for  
single blogs the Memcached backend didn't do much either.

Anyway, I'm attaching it for anyone who is interested.  Rename it  
"object-cache.php" and place in /wp-content/

It's set up to fail gracefully (fall back to default cache) if APC  
functions aren't available.

Oh, Ryan... you may want to look at the key generating method in the  
Memcached one... I had to modify it to prepend something specific to  
the blog (I used ABSPATH) because I was getting leaking between blogs  
on the same server, otherwise.
Mark Jaquith

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