[wp-hackers] Bizarre /cache/ experience with wp_object_cache.lock

Mark Jaquith mark.wordpress at txfx.net
Fri Feb 3 12:00:24 GMT 2006

On Feb 3, 2006, at 6:02 AM, David House wrote:

> At the moment we have a constant,
> ENABLE_CACHE, which you can define in wp-config.php to enable the
> cache even when safe mode is on.

We'll still need an option if we want to automatically disable the  
cache when it isn't working an avoid those 300+ query loads.  The  
average user (a) isn't going to know that 300 queries are being made)  
and (b) probably won't figure out very quickly how to do define 
('DISABLE_CACHE', true); to revert to the old cache method.

Mark Jaquith

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