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Scott johnson fuzzygroup at gmail.com
Fri Feb 3 00:15:16 GMT 2006

*chuckle*  That sounds right.  It also sounds a lot like Kjartan's work if I
had to guess.

One approach that's tricky to pull of but I've seen before is to leverage
existing click stream traffic i.e. people reading your blog to trigger the
"cron".  Given that most wordpress blogs have feeds - or are being crawled
by google, etc there should be more than enough traffic to manage this if
there's a hook into the raw traffic stream (I still qualify is noob so I
can't say if there is such a hook or not).

That said this isn't the type of coding that I do well and I'd likely screw
it up if I was to do it so I'm not volunteering for this.

I do think that this type of "psuedo cron" approach would work well and be
very generically useful.


On 2/2/06, Doug Stewart <dstewart at atl.lmco.com> wrote:
> Pete Prodoehl wrote:
> > Hasn't Drupal had a cron-like thing forever? Any Drupal hackers here?
> > Would it be worth looking at what they did?
> Yes, they do.  It's called "cron.php" and you (wait for it) set up a
> cron job to run it at regular intervals.
> Not quite what we're looking for here, IMNSHO.
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