[wp-hackers] Development for 2.next

Owen Winkler ringmaster at midnightcircus.com
Thu Feb 2 02:37:04 GMT 2006

Ryan Boren wrote:
> What else?

* Rework the main post query to use post_status "future" or some other 
similar technique.
* Built-in pseudo-cron with matching hooks to go along with future posting.
* Atom 1.0/Feed Engine.
* Implement Atom *commenting/posting* API.
* Rework comments to use API (with new filtering hooks!) instead of 
direct queries.
* Rework categories to use API (with new filtering hooks!) instead of 
direct queries.
* Include vital notices ("Upgrade available!", "Security release 
available!"), customize the feeds, and add more plugin hooks to the 
* Rewrite the rewrite class to be understood by mortals, and perhaps to 
better handle (or allow) custom URL structures directly from the admin 
* Better/new default theme - something more easily customized by casual 
HTML coders.
* More/better integrated help - direct links on every page to relevant 
Codex documentation.
* Improved post/page search functionality.
* Extend themes to the login page, add login hardening (3 strikes, etc.)
* OpenID.
* SQLite.
* Produce fudge swirl ice cream.

Gimme a few minutes to think about it, and I'll come up with more.


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