[wp-hackers] Development for 2.next

Chris Kelly ckelly5 at gmail.com
Thu Feb 2 01:10:51 GMT 2006

If you're going with a "make this page the home page" solution, what
would be the easiest way to use that in conjunction with a subsection/
Page as the journal?

Perhaps to specify a "make this page the journal page" checkbox as
well? You could add an "journal_page" checkbox, and then make the
wordpress loop look for Is_journal_page

For example, my dream single wordpress install scenario would be the following:

- I want to install Wordpress in my root directory at blah.com.

- I want to have a "static" (non-journal) page (front_page) as my
welcome page in the root directory, where I can list sections, etc.
and have a little welcome splash/ blurb about myself.

- I want to have Pages off of the main welcome page:
blah.com/projects, blah.com/resume, blah.com/aboutme, etc.

- I want to have my journal off of the main welcome page as well:
blah.com/journal, where all my archives would then be rooted off of:

a current WP setup would not give me all of the above (without
resorting to some hacking). I'd have pages off the journal if I
installed it to journal (to get the blog in the journal directory) and
would maybe need another wp install to get the main page working
properly (with a page as front page plugin). And this would all be
using the same theme template.

The journal_page option could also be unchecked and you'd be left with
a Pages-only site implementation, that all share a common theme, which
could be cool as well for photo portfolios and the like. The current
wordpress payout could also be recreated by having one of the pages (a
default page called "index"?) be checked as the front_page and

feature request #2: how about a post draft autosave feature akin to
Gmail's draft autosave?

On 2/1/06, Ryan Boren <ryan at boren.nu> wrote:
> A few development ideas for the next release, including proposed
> implementations.
> * Implement the pluggable install functions we discussed earlier.
> http://comox.textdrive.com/pipermail/wp-hackers/2005-November/003321.html
> * Build in capability to make a page the home/front page.
> Add "Make this page the home page" checkbox to the Create/Edit Page UI.
>   Set "front_page" option to the id of the selected page.
> In WP_Query::get_posts(), if is_home() and "front_page" is set, set the
> page_id to the "front_page" id and run the query.
> * Support page drafts.
> Bust "static" out of post_status and into post_type.  Add a "post"
> post_type.   Reserve post_status for actual status (public, private, draft).
> What else?
> Ryan
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