[wp-hackers] Simplified Upgrade Process

Michael E. Hancock mhancock at us.net
Wed Feb 1 14:45:59 GMT 2006

After hearing complaints that both the upgrade and the upgrade instructions
are too complicated, I wonder can the upgrade be made this simple:
1.  Upload the upgrade file
2.  Change permissions on the appropriate files/folders (wish I could just
say folder)
3.  In the Admin panel, click on the Update WordPress button and follow the
4.  Change permissions back to correct state

Of course, step 3 is where all the heavy lifting would occur.
1.  Make a backup of the database and any 'customized' files
2.  Notify the user of the nature of the 'customized' file conflict and
allow option to halt the upgrade process
3.  Notify user of any incorrect permission settings and allow option to
halt the upgrade process
4.  Delete any files or folders such as wp-content/cache
5.  Deactivate the plugins and remember what was deactivated
6.  Extract any new/upgrade script file and delete any old unused script
7.  Update the database as necessary
8.  Reactivate the original list of plugins
9.  Warn user of any 'customized' files/scripts that need to be addressed
10. Advice user to chmod files/folders back to appropriate state
11. Place user back at Admin panel

Michael E. Hancock

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