[wp-hackers] a plugin of a theme's own

Trevor Turk trevorturk at yahoo.com
Tue Sep 20 16:04:48 GMT 2005

> You can tell I'm in favor of functions.php support.
> Why anyone would
> try to stop it is a huge mystery to me.

I agree that it is a good feature, and I was only
bringing it up because I wanted to make sure it was
thought about and discussed. That's what's been
happening, and I think that is healthy and productive.
I don't think anybody has been bashing it, but rather
trying to weight the pros and cons, which you have
certainly done a great job with.

Something I was thinking about, on a related note,
would be to consider making a "standardized" or
at-least 'recommended" way to show an options page for
the current theme. This work with the Kubrick theme
and the new k2 theme's options page are already
showing up with different titles, etc.

I wonder if just agreeing to standardize the name and
location of the current theme's options page (if there
is one) would be worthwhile. I'm thinking that calling
the page "Current Theme Options" or something would be
enough. That way, users would kind of know where to
look for that sort of thing, rather than it being done
on a case-by-case basis. 

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