[wp-hackers] Posting still slow

Firas D. fd at firasd.org
Thu Sep 1 19:53:35 GMT 2005

Greg Elin wrote:

> I like a post-post (heh) UI approach.
> 1) Blog post is written to database and made available...
> 2) User is given feedback:
>         Post published. Ping listening services now?
>             [ ] Yes  [ ] No  [ ] Always do this
> 3) Ping process starts, perhaps in a self-closing pop-up window (or  
> Dom created i-Frame).
> The 'when to ping servers' dialog could be javascript based, on the  
> web page, or in a pop-up, or an intermediate page targeted after  
> updates.
> Also, maybe have a preference for when remote sites are pinged  
> (though this might involve a cron...):
>     a) upon posting
>     b) 2x day if new posts exists
> etc.

Ok. Right now pinging is basically just 'add rpc.pingomatic.com' to your 
update services. The only problem to solve here is a speed issue, in 
some cases. To solve this, the above solution is that we're gonna gonna 
add a dialog box, a popup box (basically another dialog--one that just 
closes itself randomly!), and a preference and a reference to cronjobs?

Stick the pinging in an iframe; be done with it :)

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