[wp-hackers] Let's whip WYSIWYG

Terrence Wood tdw at funkive.com
Thu Jun 16 21:38:26 GMT 2005

The point of standards is that they are independent of corporate 
entities, otherwise it is a proprietary technology belonging to said 

It may well be that the other browser manufacturers cannot support XAML 
because it is MS's property (I don't know as I'm not following it's 
development, is XAML open?). Regardless, I advise maintaining support 
for open standards... they just seem far more aligned with the concept 
of open source software.

The advantage that a DHTML interface has is it can be built now and 
supported by most browsers invented in the last five years or so, in a 
way that can be supported by browsers yet to be invented. It doesn't 
have to look and feel exactly like one OS or the other, so long as it 
is consistent, easy to learn, and easy to use.

Terrence Wood.

On 17 Jun 2005, at 7:37 AM, Denis de Bernardy wrote:
> Obviously, xaml isn't 'official' standard. But it will be the de facto
> standard, since MS reportedly -- and rightly -- has no plans to get 
> serious
> about XForms.
> The built-in widgets supposedly make things easier, more modular and 
> more
> maintainable than a DHTML interface. In particular when it comes to 
> creating
> a rather complex Wysiwyg tool such as the one being discussed here. 
> That is
> not to say it shouldn't be done with DHTML. Just that is will likely 
> be a
> rather complex thing to do.

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