[wp-hackers] Plugin download repository

Jonathan Leighton turnip at turnipspatch.com
Wed Jul 27 20:54:15 GMT 2005

Jonathan Leighton wrote:

>Matt Mullenweg wrote:
>>>c) I haven't committed it yet, but I'm working with someone else to add
>>>localisation to Post Teaser. Into the repository will go a .pot file,
>>>and a .po and .mo for each translation (in a new directory structure).
>>>The .pots and .pos aren't remotely useful to anyone not participating in
>>>translation, and I don't suppose the .mo of a language the user doesn't
>>>speak will be useful to them either. In other words, I'd like to provide
>>>.mos as a separate download, for those that want/need a translated
>>We have a separate repository for translations.
>Oh, I'm sorry then, I didn't realise that. Where is it and how can I
>gain access?
Matt, you didn't answer this. What's the answer?


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