[wp-hackers] Two plugin ideas

Matt Mullenweg m at mullenweg.com
Mon Jul 25 20:19:42 GMT 2005

If these don't already exist, might be fun for somebody:

When using WP as a CMS, it'd be great to have a way to represent 
alternate languages for the same content. So on my About page I can link 
to 3 translations of that if they exist, and vice versa.

The second is a a submission form much in the same vein as the contact 
form. Let people submit content and it puts it into some sort of 
moderation cue which will either publish it with the proper attribution 
or archive it. This can be done currently with having people register 
and then letting them submit drafts but not publish, but that's not the 
most inviting way to do things.

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