[wp-hackers] Plugin Readmes

Andy Skelton skeltoac at gmail.com
Fri Jul 22 13:10:14 GMT 2005

On 7/22/05, Jonathan Leighton <turnip at turnipspatch.com> wrote:
> <<snip>> I'd perhaps agree more if I could actually understand the
> benefit these readmes have over a wiki page and the commenty tag things
> every single plugin has.

This is how I understand it, maybe it'll help. When I look at every
packaged software distro I've downloaded since I had to dial a local
BBS called The Dog Dish, the vast majority were packaged with a readme
file. The readme is a traditional, professional courtesy. So I can see
the value of a readme when distributing a packaged plugin.

A plugin installed by a one-click feature, similarly to extensions
from Mozilla, is not such a package and might not need such a readme
because a link to centralized documentation is sufficient and
appropriate. However, WP plugins are usually distributed as packages
and so they should include a readme. It's a mark of professionalism.


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