[wp-hackers] Plugin Readmes

Firas D. fd at firasd.org
Thu Jul 21 10:34:24 GMT 2005

Denis de Bernardy wrote:

>Just curious... Why not catch the page where the plugin's official page via
>That way, it is structured properly, can be formatted otherwise, the
>documentation is synchonized, and there is even a direct link to the
Someone wants to put their plugin docs in the trac wiki. Someone wants 
to put it in a fancy WP page with a continuous RSS feed. Someone else 
may want to put it in mediawiki. I've put my plugin pages in straight html.

There are a gazillion ways to expose information about a plugin, all of 
which may be perused when you click through to the actual page you're 
directed to for further info about the plugin. I just want to make it 
easy for you to put your stuff in a directory without you having to get 
an account with the website and log in to describe it and notify of 
updates (which is how wp-plugins.net currently works)--the plan is to 
sync with descriptive files in your webspace/repository/etc, and with 
some consistency across items. I could just ask for an xml file, but the 
markdowned text file idea Matt came up with a while ago just seems more 

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